Cablik Modern Dwellings: Mid Century Modern

Contact: Alan Cablik

Mid century modern homes are experiencing a revival!  Our team is experienced in renovating Atlanta mid century modern homes to give them an updated look and feel. We can incorporate a number of sustainability features into a mid century modern home renovation to make it more eco-friendly and energy efficient or simply to update it to today’s details.  Cablik Enterprises recognizes the increasing popularity for Atlanta mid century modern homes and is ready to help you to maximize your home’s potential.


Cablik Enterprises can assist you with the evaluation, purchase, and renovation of a mid century modern home.  We have contacts with realtors who specialize in Atlanta mid century modern homes.  In the event you find a mid century modern home that needs an update, Cablik Enterprises can perform the renovation for you.  The result is a stylish mid century modern home, updated for today’s luxuries and conveniences.


Click here for an example of a Cablik mid century modern renovation.